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Welcome to The Wooden Tangerine! I am so glad you are here. Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Alyssa, a Registered Dietitian in Central Minnesota who happens to love home decor, DIY, entertaining/hosting, and nutrition.

You may have wondered what’s up with my name – The Wooden Tangerine. How did I get that name? The simple answer is I just liked how it sounded! 🙂 While that is true, there is a more meaningful reason.  The Wooden Tangerine is a way for me to combine my passions. Wooden represents my passion for DIY, design and decor. Tangerine in the name represents my love of food, nutrition, cooking, baking and hosting.

See, there is a method to my madness!

I wanted to take a little time to tell you about what you will see here. My goal is to post once a month and to share a variety of topics.I have some projects that I have completed previously which I will share ASAP, but I will then share my projects as they are completed. Not to neglect my foodie side, I will be posting helpful blogs on meal planning, new food products, lifestyle changes, and tips about life when it comes to choosing and planning food.

Now for what I expect of you. Yes, I do have expectations! I hope that you will enjoy the combination of topics I will be covering and I expect you will tell me what you want to hear about! That’s it. And to make it easier, ask any questions about a specific post in the comment section or go ahead and fill out the contact form whenever you have a question or suggestion.

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