The Wooden Tangerine

Owner’s Closet Inspiration and Design Board

Our closet was a huge upgrade from our previous home. I remember walking into it and being so excited. All that space served us well over the years, but it is time to refresh and upgrade the storage. 

Our plan is to use the Ikea Pax system to organize it. Before I share the mood board and pax layout, here are some closets I drew inspiration from. 

My original plan was add fronts to the drawers and custom framing like Chris Loves Julia and Erin K did in the inpso pics below. 

Chris Loves Julia's Ikea Pax Hack
Erin Kestenbaum's Ikea Pax Hack

Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL?  Unfortunately, the way I designed our closet, we cant add the drawer fronts and custom framing. After debating it for a while, we kept the layout, so we are planning something more like the next picture without drawer fronts/custom framing. You will still notice some similarities between this and our plan. I wasn’t about to completely give up on my dream! 

Chris Loves Julia's Pax Closet

Also BEAUTIFUL, just less custom. I would also like to point out, Tyler likes this option much better! No custom framing and drawer fronts + no need for paint = less work for him!

Here’s a the general layout:

Alright, here is the plan. I used the old Ikea Pax Planner (before flash was disabled) to create our closet. Note: Ikea still has a good planning tool for Pax, but it’s just a little different now and you can’t have an irregularly shaped room – like our closet is.

After planning for what seems like years, scouring pinterest, stalking instagram and reading my favorite design blogs for inspiration here is the design board: