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the rescue operation

Hi guys!

Wow it’s been a while!

Life here has been busy! Between fall yard work, designing a house (with my parents–more on that in a bit) and family time, I have missed this for sure.

So, a while back on social media I teased about a post with a bunch of nails on it that came from a house my family was tearing down.

Today I want to share more about that old house with you!

First, a little back story. My parents bought the land (80 acres to be exact) when I was quite young. It became a place to explore and enjoy. While my mom did go out there too, it became a place that I looked forward to going with my dad. It was time that I had him all to myself. I also took my very first hunting trip to that land. While, I have never shot anything (I don’t think I could actually pull the trigger), I did have some interesting experiences while hunting. One of which involved a goose (injured by my dad’s shot) landing on me in the woods, long story, I won’t get into the somewhat gory details. 🙂

This land came along with three buildings, two of which fell down on their own over the years and the farmhouse which always fascinated me. I wanted to fix that thing up since the day I first saw it. What I didn’t understand though, is it didn’t have plumbing or electricity and fixing it up to live in would have taken money that, as a 5 or 6 year old I didn’t have!

So, there it sat for 20 or so years greeting me every time we decided to take a drive to “the land” as our family called it, to get in touch with nature. Fast forward to this year, when my parents began building their dream home. They wanted to incorporate some the wood from the structures on ‘the land’ into their home. They are using the beams from the walls of the old house as the mantels for their fireplaces and have designed one whole room around two large beams that will be placed on the ceiling…. Don’t worry, when the house is complete I WILL share pictures!

I could not have been more excited. I love rescuing things!-Just ask Tyler about that time I rescued a cat from our backyard even though we are both semi-allergic… okay back to the rescue operation at hand.

We got one of Tyler’s best friends who owns a landscaping business to help, since oddly enough he has experience rescuing wood from old dilapidated houses. Then we went to town. We saved as much as we could of the siding and then got out the skid loader.  The whole thing took use about two 10-hour days with five people. The process was a little crazy so enjoy the pictures.

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